Images on Compute Node

List of disk images imported onto a compute node’s storage. These images are ready to be used by virtual servers created on the same node storage.

Access Permissions  
SuperAdmin read-write

Image Parameters

  • Alias (name) - Unique image identifier (usually used in the API), user-defined name of an image (usually displayed in the GUI) and image version.

  • Access - Image visibility. One of:

    • Public - Image is usable by all users in this virtual data center.
    • Private - Image is usable by SuperAdmins and owners of this image.
    • Deleted - Image is hidden and unusable for new servers, but can be still used by some already defined servers.
  • Owner - Image owner.

  • DC-bound? - Whether a disk image is bound to a specific virtual data center.

  • Size - Minimal virtual disk size required by a disk image (read-only).

  • OS Type - Operating system type (read-only). One of:

    • Linux VM
    • Windows VM
    • BSD VM
    • SunOS VM
    • SunOS Zone
    • Linux Zone
  • Status - Current state of a disk image (read-only). One of:

    • ok - Image is ready to use.
    • pending - Image is being created, updated or deleted.
  • Servers - Number of virtual servers, which use the image for their disk.

  • Datacenters - Number of virtual data centers the disk image is attached to.

  • Description

Importing an Image To a Compute Node Storage

The import of images is carried out automatically before deploying the virtual server onto the compute node.


It is possible to manually import a disk image by using a proper API function.

Removing an Image From a Compute Node Storage

Unused disk images can be removed from a node storage in two ways:

  • Removing a specific disk image form a node storage

  • Removing all unused disk images from a node storage by using the Delete unused images action.