Compute Node List

A Compute Node is a set of computing resources (CPU, RAM, HDD), which are tied to actual physical hardware (server).

Access Permissions  
SuperAdmin read-write

Compute Node List Item Parameters

  • Hostname - Unique compute node identifier (read-only).

  • Vendor - Compute node server manufacturer (read-only).

  • Model - Compute node physical server model (read-only).

  • Status - One of:

    • online
    • maintenance
    • unreachable
  • CPUs - Total number of compute node’s virtual CPUs usable for virtual servers.

  • RAM - Total amount (MB) of compute node’s RAM usable for virtual servers.

  • Free CPUs - Number of compute node’s free virtual CPUs available for virtual servers (read-only).

  • Free RAM - Free amount (MB) compute node’s RAM available for virtual servers (read-only).

  • Servers - Total number of virtual servers and replicas defined on a compute node. The number displayed in parentheses represents the amount of actual virtual servers excluding replicas (read-only).