A User represents a person with access to the Danube Cloud system.

Access Permissions  
SuperAdmin read-write
DCAdmin read-only
UserAdmin read-write (DC-bound users only)


In the upper right corner is a button labeled Show All, which can be used to display all users, including users that do not have access to the current working virtual data center.

See also

More information about user roles and permissions.

User Parameters

  • Username - Unique user identifier.
  • Email address - Primary user email address.
  • First name - User first name.
  • Last name - User last name
  • DC Bound? - Whether a user is bound to a specific virtual data center.
  • Groups - List of user groups.
  • SuperAdmin status - Grant user SuperAdmin permissions.
  • Access to API - Allow user to access the API via HTTP.
  • Active - Allow user to login to Danube Cloud.
  • Password - User password.
  • Joined - The date and time when the user was created (read-only).

Managing a User

A user can be created, updated, deleted by a SuperAdmin or by a UserAdmin (DC-bound users only).


See also

All user attributes and settings can be managed via the Edit profile button.


A user can be deleted only if he has no relations to any other objects.


User access to virtual data centers can be managed via user groups.