ISO Images

An ISO Image is usually used to manually install an operating system and application onto a new virtual server. It is often used to create new disk images.

Access Permissions  
SuperAdmin read-write
DCAdmin read-only
IsoAdmin read-write (DC-bound ISO images only, limited by DC ISO image settings)


In the upper right corner is a button labeled Show All, which can be used to display all ISO images, including ISO images that are not associated with the current working virtual data center.

ISO Image Parameters

  • Name - Unique ISO image identifier (usually used in the API).

  • Alias - User-defined name of an ISO image (usually displayed in the GUI).

  • Access - ISO image visibility. One of:

    • Public - ISO image is usable by all users in this virtual data center.
    • Private - ISO image is usable by SuperAdmins and owners of this image.
  • Owner - ISO image owner.

  • DC-bound? - Whether an ISO image is bound to a specific virtual data center.

  • OS Type - Operating system type. One of:

    • (none) - ISO image can be used by any KVM virtual server.
    • Linux VM
    • Windows VM
    • BSD VM
    • SunOS VM
  • Description

Managing an ISO Image

An ISO image can be created, updated or deleted by a SuperAdmin or by an IsoAdmin (DC-bound ISO image only).


All ISO image operations are currently performed only at the database level. ISO images need to be manually distributed across all compute nodes.


The default Rescue ISO image cannot be deleted.

Adding an ISO Image

  • ISO image files (*.iso) need to be copied to the /iso folder on each compute node:

    user@laptop:~ $ scp ubuntu-14.04.1-server-amd64.iso root@node01:/iso/
  • Alternatively, they can be download directly to the /iso folder on each compute node:

    [root@node01 ~] cd /iso
    [root@node01 /iso] wget http://url/ubuntu-14.04.1-server-amd64.iso

See also

Installation of some operating systems (Windows) may require the use of two virtual CD-ROM drivers.

Attaching an ISO Image

Used for associating an existing ISO image with a virtual data center. This operation can be performed only by a SuperAdmin.


An ISO image can be only used when attached to a virtual data center.

Detaching an ISO Image

In order to remove an association of an ISO image with a virtual data center, the ISO image should not be used by any virtual machine within the virtual data center. This can be performed only by a SuperAdmin.