A User Group represents a set of users with similar roles. A user group essentially creates an association between users and permissions.

Access Permissions  
SuperAdmin read-write
DCAdmin read-only
UserAdmin read-only (DC-bound groups only)


In the upper right corner is a button labeled Show All, which can be used to display all groups, including groups that are not associated with the current working virtual data center.

See also

More information about user roles and permissions.

User Group Parameters

  • Name - Unique group identifier (usually used in the API).

  • Alias - User-defined name of a group (usually displayed in the GUI).

  • DC-bound? - Whether a user group is bound to a specific virtual data center.

  • Users - List of users assigned to a group.

  • Permissions - List of permissions assigned to a group. One of:

    • Admin
    • NetworkAdmin
    • ImageAdmin
    • ImageImportAdmin
    • TemplateAdmin
    • IsoAdmin
    • DnsAdmin
    • UserAdmin
    • MonitoringAdmin

Managing a User Group

A user group can be created, updated, deleted by a SuperAdmin.



A SuperAdmin can create an unlimited number of groups; each group may include any number of users and permissions.

Attaching a User Group

Used for associating an existing group with a virtual data center, giving all group members access to the virtual data center. This operation can be performed only by a SuperAdmin.

Detaching a User Group

Used for removing an association of a group with a virtual data center, disabling access to the virtual data center for all group members. This can be performed only by a SuperAdmin.

See also

Group association with a virtual data center can be also managed via the virtual data center settings page.