Virtual Server Console

Access Permissions  
SuperAdmin read-write
DCAdmin read-write
VmOwner read-write


The console view is currently available only for KVM virtual servers.

Console Usage

Please use the Magnet Icon to attach your keyboard and mouse to the virtual server console.

  • Magnet Icon - Capture and send keystrokes and mouse events into the virtual server.
  • Resize Icon - Zoom in or zoom out the console view to make use of the whole console screen area.
  • Text Icon - Show or hide the on-screen keyboard, which enables typing on devices without a hardware keyboard.
  • Move Icon - Move the on-screen icon menu to another position on the console screen.


The icon in the upper right corner of the console header can be used to open the console screen in a new window.


The CTRL + ALT + DELETE shortcut can be triggered by holding the Fn key on the on-screen or hardware keyboard.